We produce high-quality adhesive and sealants based on silicone elastomers. We offer silicones with characteristics modified according to customer requirements: hardness, processing time, adhesion, flexibility, color. We also offer short series, starting from 60 cartridges.

SILAPP for mirrors

especially dedicated to fixing mirrors or decorative glass panes, glass tiles, etc. it has neutral curing system. The silicone is easy to apply, does not drip from vertical surfaces and has a high load resistance when fully cured.

SILOIL 350 for automotive

silicone with increased resistance to lubricants, oils and high temperature. Designed for sealing connections in engines, mechanical drive systems, oil pans, exhaust systems, exhaust gas ducts, etc. It does not interfere with the operation of the Lambda probe.

SILKAM for stonemason

for gluing elements made of artificial and natural stones (granite, marble), wood, kitchen worktops, interior design elements. A special formula protects the stone against stains and darkening of the stone edge along the joint. Minimal shrinkage, resistance to UV and weather conditions cause that made joint is sealed and protected against the ingress of water and so the burst by frost.

SILDECK for roofing

permanently elastic adhesive and sealing mass intended for making joints exposed to high elongation or shrinkage, e.g. due to changes in the shape of the joined elements under the influence of temperature or mechanical vibrations. It does not cause corrosion of sheet metal, does not damage painted surfaces. Dedicated to the waterproofing roof coverings, flashings, gutter systems, ventilation ducts and air conditioning systems.

SILPROF for general purpose

neutral silicone, universal with high adhesion to almost any substrate. Seals made of SILPROF have minimal shrinkage, are resistant to weather conditions and UV rays, are durable and strong.

Before using the adhesive, the manufacturer recommends to perform a test of adhesion and compatibility of all glued surfaces. The above is dictated by the variety of materials and types of substrate available on the market. We recommend checking the suitability of the glue for the materials used. When using the adhesive, the surface should be properly prepared, the surface should be clean, free from dust, grease, rust and other substances that impair adhesion.
The above recommendations and guidelines are based on the manufacturer’s best knowledge and experience and have been given in good faith and are intended to ensure the optimal use of the adhesive. However, they are not the basis for the Manufacturer’s legal liability, the more so as the terms of performance remain beyond Manufacturer’s control.