Sealings and Profiles

Krywałd-Plast has been extruding sealings and profiles for over 20 years. At first, we produced only using our own granulates, over the years developing our machinery park and the variety of materials from which we extrude.

We manufacture PVC products (both plasticized and rigid), PVC+ NBR rubber composite and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE-S, TPV), which are substitutes for EPDM rubber. Our experience also allows for the production of so-called co-extruded profiles – i.e. consisting of a hard mounting part and a soft sealing part. Although most often customers need black gaskets, we also produce profiles and sealings with transparent properties or with the color selected by the customer.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to select materials with individualized parameters according to customer expectations and functionality of the finished product. We select the method of packaging for the product, based on our many years of experience and on the recipient’s instruction.

Sealings for Garage gates:

Sealings for acoustic shields:

Sealings for glass-aluminium systems:

Dilatation tapes for building industry:

Profiles on individual demand: