Plastisols – PVC pastes

The plastisol department, in the past mainly focused on the production of paste for caps, has now significantly expanded its activities and is experiencing the “second youth”. The growing market demand for high-quality plastics for coating or casting, and the desire to reach even more customers, contributed to our decision to re-develop this underrated PVC division.

We are constantly expanding our portfolio and taking up new topics, developing recipes for individual customer needs.

As a standard, we pack plastisols in metal buckets of 10 kg, 25 kg or 30 kg, or in plastic drums of 200 kg.

Plastisols for covering metal elements, eg valve handles, tools.

Plastisols for securing galvanic hangers

Plastisoles for casting the fishing lures

Plastisols for casting other elements (key rings, patches, gaskets, bar mats, etc.)